Spraying potatoes to prevent leaf roll spread by the green peach aphid

  title={Spraying potatoes to prevent leaf roll spread by the green peach aphid},
  author={Wayland Arthur Shands and Geddes W. Simpson},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
Studies were made at Presque Isle, Maine, 1962–1966, to determine the suppressive effects of several materials against spread of the potato leaf roll cirus,Corium solani Holmes, transmitted by the green peach aphid,Myzus persicae (Sulzer), when applied as foliar sprays to Kennebec, Green Mountain, or Chippewa potatoes in field cages or in field plots. The early cage tests showed that spray mixtures containing 1% of the systemic plant growth regulant chlorocholine chloride (2-chloroethyltri… 

Qualitätsbeeinflussende Faktoren in der Pflanzkartoffelerzeugung

Zusammenfassung1.Die Qualitätsmerkmale der Pflanzkartoffel werden durch 4 Faktorengruppen beeinflußt: genetische Veranlagung (Sorte), Umwelt, Anwendung chemischer Mittel, Anbautechnik.2.Obwohl



Exploratory tests to prevent leaf roll infection transmitted by aphids

Experiments were conducted to determine whether single applications of foliar sprays of several substances would affect spread of leaf roll virus by the green peach aphidMyzus persicae (Sulzer) to potato plants of the Chippewa variety growing in cages in the field.

Potato leafroll virus — Effect of date of inoculation on percent infection and symptom expression

SummaryInoculation of field-grown Russet Burbank potatoes with leafroll virus during late June and early July resulted in nearly twice as many infected plants and four times as many infected tubers

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The finding that aphids carrying potato virus Y seldom transmit it after probing a surface lightly coated with oil offers a novel way of bringing this spread under control.

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SummaryResults of treating about 3,000 bushels of potatoes a year with ethylene chlorohydrin to break the rest period have indicated that varietal differences exist, necessitating variations in the

~Ratio of Net Necrosis to Leafroll in Gre.~n Mountain Potatoes. Maine Agric

  • 1943