Spray tests for control of potato blight in the hills of West Bengal

  title={Spray tests for control of potato blight in the hills of West Bengal},
  author={H. C. Choudhuri},
  journal={American Potato Journal},
Summary1.Spray tests have been carried out with various fungicides for the control of late blight in high rainfall conditions in the hills of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Control of disease and increase in yield were unsatisfactory when treated with Bordeaux mixture.2.Perenox, Dithane, Soltosan and Perelan were applied at different intervalsvix., 6, 8, 10 and 14 days at various strengths. Under severe late blight conditions Perenox and Dithane gave better results than did the other fungicides, and… Expand

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Spray tests for control of potato blight in the hills of West Bengal II
Under severe late blight conditions in the hills the disease was succesfully controlled until 136 days after planting in all test plots with different fungicides when sprayed at an interval of 8 and 6 days since there was no appreciable difference in the incidence of infection between plots sprayed at 8-and 6-days’ intervals. Expand
Potato varietal tests in West Bengal
Ultimus and Voran are considered to be superior exsting early and late varieties respectively for their field resistance to late blight and immunity from wart disease. Expand
Forecasting late blight of potatoes in the hills of West Bengal
The “moving graph,” using a 7-day total rainfall instead of a 10- day total, proved to be more accurate in forecasting late blight in the Darjeeling hills of West Bengal. Expand


Efficacy of certain fungicides against potato late blight and assessment of loss due to the disease
It has been shown that the yield decreases with increase in the loss of leaf area and vice versa and the rate at which the disease progresses and the total period during which the foliage remains green as a result of protection provided by the fungicides against the disease, greatly influence the yield. Expand
Comparison of different organic and copper fungicides and some combinations of fungicides with ddt for the control of potato diseases and insects
There is a need for a material that can effectively replace Bordeaux mixture as a spray material for potatoes because certain shortcomings of the neutral copper and organic fungicides are greatly offset when applied with DDT. Expand
A comparison of certain potato sprays in different localities in West Virginia
Summary1.In comparison with Bordeaux mixture plus DDT, in experimental plots in 4 tests in three different localities, Dithane plus DDT gave as good results in yield and protection against lateExpand
Organic fungicides for late blight in Connecticut
Three years research on new fungicides especially dithiocarbamates, particularly Dithane, are not much if any better than Bordeaux mixture in the control of late blight, but they do permit the potatoes to set a larger yield. Expand