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Spotlights on heterobasidiomycetes.

  title={Spotlights on heterobasidiomycetes.},
  author={Michael Wei{\ss} and Robert BauerR. Bauer and Dominik Begerow and Reinhard Agerer and Meike Piepenbring and Paul A. Blanz},
Structural character evolution in Pucciniomycotina: mitosis, septa, and hyphal branch initiation in two Helicogloea species
The endogenous origin of hyphal branches is shown to occur in a third class of Pucciniomycotina, and the full set of characters supports a close relationship between Atractiellomycetes and PuCCiniomy cetes.
Towards an integrated phylogenetic classification of the Tremellomycetes
Discovery of Thecaphora schwarzmaniana on Rheum ribes in Iran and Turkey: implications for the diversity and phylogeny of leaf smuts on rhubarbs
Molecular phylogenetic analyses, based on ITS and LSU sequences, recovered Thecaphora on Rheum spp.
epiphytic neotropical orchids ( Pucciniomycotina ) form mycorrhizae with terrestrial and Atractiellomycetes belonging to the ' rust ' lineage
This article cites 32 articles, 9 of which can be accessed free P<P Published online 9 December 2009 in advance of the print journal.
Atractiellomycetes belonging to the ‘rust’ lineage (Pucciniomycotina) form mycorrhizae with terrestrial and epiphytic neotropical orchids
A molecular phylogeny of sequences from mycobionts of 32 orchid individuals out of 103 samples confirmed Atractiellomycetes and the placement in Pucciniomycotina, revealing these fungi, frequently associated to neotropical orchids, as the most basal living basidiomycETes involved in mycorrhizal associations of land plants.
The simple-septate basidiomycetes: a synopsis
The integrated analysis of several ultrastructural features such as septal pore apparatus, form, and behavior of the spindle pole bodies, types of host–parasite interaction, presence or absence of colacosome, symplechosomes, atractsomes, and cystosomes as well as nuclear rDNA sequences coding for small- and large-subunit rRNA are compared.
Two new pycnidial members of the Atractiellales: Basidiopycnis hyalina and Proceropycnis pinicola.
An integrated analysis of morphological, ecological, ultrastructural and molecular data indicates that the new taxa belong to the Atractiellales.
An overview of the higher level classification of Pucciniomycotina based on combined analyses of nuclear large and small subunit rDNA sequences.
This study confirms Pucciniomycotina as a monophyletic group of Basidiomycota and assembles a dataset of previously published and newly generated sequence data from two nuclear rDNA genes including exemplars from all known major groups in order to test hypotheses about evolutionary relationships among the Pucciniales.
Implications of molecular characters for the phylogeny of the Microbotryaceae (Basidiomycota: Urediniomycetes)
The study confirmed, based on a larger dataset than previous work, that the anther smuts on Caryophyllaceae are monophyletic and that there exists a native North American group that diverged from the European clade before the radiation of the European species.