Sport orientation model for wheelchair basketball athletes.

  title={Sport orientation model for wheelchair basketball athletes.},
  author={Emmanouil K Skordilis and Nektarios A. M. Stavrou},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={100 3 Pt 2},
This study examined the validity of the Sport Orientation Questionnaire (Competitiveness: 13 items, Win Orientation: 6 items, and Goal Orientation: 6 items) in a sample of 195 wheelchair basketball athletes from the USA. Following evidence for sample-specific validity, the measurement model that underlies the questionnaire was examined. A short-form with 15 items for three factors of Competitiveness (7 items), Win Orientation (5 items) and Goal Orientation (3 items) fit the data (X2/df ratio=2… CONTINUE READING


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