Sport Space and National Identity

  title={Sport Space and National Identity},
  author={Roman Hor{\'a}k and Georg Spitaler},
  journal={American Behavioral Scientist},
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This contribution will discuss how the formation of a national sport space interacts with the development of national self-awareness and national identity with reference to the Austrian case. It will be argued that the growing of an Austrian identity is not merely synchronous with the establishment of an Austrian sport space but that this nation-building process has been helped along substantially by the “Austrification” of two leading sports: urban soccer (associated with Vienna) and alpine… 

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Preface vii Introduction 3 One The Argument: Sports As Culture in In ustrial Societies--American Conformities and Exceptions 7 Two The Formation of the American Sport Space: "Crow ing Out" and Other

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ion of the capitalist market, but with its concrete historical form: that of a 'world-economy' which is always already hierarchically organized into a 'core' and a 'periphery', each of which have

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Nation Österreich. Kulturelles Bewußtsein und gesellschaftlich-politische Prozesse [Nation Austria: Cultural consciousness and socio-political processes

  • 1996

Eigentlich waren die Österreicher immer schon anders

  • 1998