Spore morphology in Coleosporium plumeriae

  title={Spore morphology in Coleosporium plumeriae},
  author={James A. Traquair and Eric G. Kokko},
  • James A. Traquair, Eric G. Kokko
  • Published 1980
  • Biology
  • Coleosporium plumeriae Pat. is a rust fungus (Melampsoraceae) found on Plumeria species. The spermagonial and aecial states are unknown. Light and scanning electron microscopy of uredinia have revealed catenulate, verrucose urediniospores with scattered germ pores. We expect that, as in other Coleosporium species, the urediniospores are morphologically similar to aeciospores. The urediniospore ornamentation consists of distinctive, annulate, bluntly capitate tubercles. Light microscopy of telia… CONTINUE READING

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