Sporadic hypercalcitoninemia: clinical and therapeutic consequences.

  title={Sporadic hypercalcitoninemia: clinical and therapeutic consequences.},
  author={Christian Scheuba and Klaus Kaserer and Anton Moritz and Ralph Drosten and Heinrich Vierhapper and Christian Bieglmayer and Oskar Arthur Haas and Bruno Niederle},
  journal={Endocrine-related cancer},
  volume={16 1},
'Calcitonin screening' is not accepted as the standard of care in daily practice. The clinical and surgical consequences of 'calcitonin screening' in a series of patients with mildly elevated basal calcitonin and pentagastrin stimulated calcitonin levels are presented. 260 patients with elevated basal (>10 pg/ml) and stimulated calcitonin levels (>100 pg/ml) were enrolled in this prospective study. None of the patients was member of a known medullary thyroid carcinoma family. Thyroidectomy and… CONTINUE READING