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Spoof surface plasmon Fabry-Perot open resonators in a surface-wave photonic crystal

  title={Spoof surface plasmon Fabry-Perot open resonators in a surface-wave photonic crystal},
  author={Zhen Gao and Fei Gao and Hongyi Xu and Youming Zhang and Baile Zhang},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
We report on the proposal and experimental realization of a spoof surface plasmon Fabry-Perot (FP) open resonator in a surface-wave photonic crystal. This surface-wave FP open resonator is formed by introducing a finite line defect in a surface-wave photonic crystal. The resonance frequencies of the surface-wave FP open resonator lie exactly within the forbidden band gap of the surface-wave photonic crystal and the FP open resonator uses this complete forbidden band gap to concentrate surface… 


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