Spontaneously Broken N = 2 Supergravity Without Light Mirror Fermions

  title={Spontaneously Broken N = 2 Supergravity Without Light Mirror Fermions},
  author={Luciano Girardello and Alberto. Zaffaroni},
We present a spontaneously broken N=2 supergravity model that reduces, in the flat limit MP lanck → ∞, to a globally supersymmetric N=2 system with explicit soft supersymmetry breaking terms. These soft terms generate a mass O(MW ) for mirror quarks and leptons, while leaving the physical fermions light, thereby overcoming one of the major obstacles towards the construction of a realistic N=2 model of elementary interactions. email girardello@milano.infn.it e-mail massimo.porrati@nyu.edu e-mail… CONTINUE READING