Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection: report of 16 cases.

  title={Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection: report of 16 cases.},
  author={Li Gui and Gui-Shu Shi and Guang-jian Li and Wen-hui Fan and He-qing Huang and Zheng-Hua Zhou and Kang-ning Chen},
  journal={Neurology India},
  volume={58 6},
UNLABELLED background and objectives: Spontaneous vertebral artery dissection (sVAD) is a rare condition and can potentially cause a stroke, particularly in young to middle-aged people. PATIENTS AND METHODS The clinical manifestations, medical imaging characteristics, treatment, and prognosis of 16 patients with sVAD were analyzed. RESULTS None of the 16 patients had a history of head or neck trauma. The most common clinical manifestation was headache with symptoms of posterior-circulation… CONTINUE READING