Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a basis of particle mass

  title={Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a basis of particle mass},
  author={C. Quigg},
  journal={Reports on Progress in Physics},
  • C. Quigg
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • Reports on Progress in Physics
  • Electroweak theory joins electromagnetism with the weak force in a single quantum field theory, ascribing the two fundamental interactions—so different in their manifestations—to a common symmetry principle. How the electroweak gauge symmetry is hidden is one of the most urgent and challenging questions facing particle physics. The provisional answer incorporated in the 'standard model' of particle physics was formulated in the 1960s by Higgs, by Brout and Englert and by Guralnik, Hagen, and… CONTINUE READING


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