[Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus. Case report].


We present a 50 years old man who was admitted for severe pain in the chest appeared after vomiting, dyspnoea, cardiovascular collapse. The diagnosis of spontaneous perforation of the esophagus (Boerhaave's syndrome) was confirmed by a radiopaque swallow. We performed a laparotomy, mediastinal drainage, cervical esophagostomy and jejunostomy. Postoperatively, the general state was severe--with high fever, important pleurezia, necessitating pleural drainage, mechanical ventilation for 8 days, parenteral and jejunostomy nutrition. It was possible to close the esophagostomy in the 43rd postoperative day. The patient has been dismissed on the 59th day. Five days later he presented in the ER with severe dyspnoea due to tracheal stenosis--emergency tracheotomy was performed, followed by resection of the stenotic cartilages.

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