Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus: a 30-year experience.

  title={Spontaneous rupture of the esophagus: a 30-year experience.},
  author={James W. Pate and William A. Walker and Fletcher T. H. Cole and E W Owen and Walter H. Johnson},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={47 5},
This retrospective review of 34 patients with spontaneous rupture of the esophagus, which spans a 30-year period, attempts to identify areas in diagnosis and therapy that might alter the dismal prognosis. The diagnosis and definitive surgical repair of Boerhaave's syndrome were frequently delayed. Delay resulted in a significant increase in complication rates. Pain (85%) and vomiting (71%) were the only common historical events suggesting the diagnosis. Physical examination was of aid in the… CONTINUE READING


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