[Spontaneous retroperitoneal biloma: A case report].


BACKGROUND Non-traumatic spontaneous rupture of the biliary tract and retroperitoneal accumulation (retroperitoneal biloma) is an extremely rare condition. CLINICAL CASE A 57 year-old woman with no known biliary disease, started with intense pain in the right abdomen 30 days prior to consultation. She also had jaundice (4+). The initial hepatobiliary ultrasound reported choledocholithiasis and retroperitoneal fluid collection, which was confused with a peri-renal abscess. Guided puncture was performed and the presence of bile was evident. Dilation of the bile duct was observed in the computed tomography. The patient underwent laparotomy to correct both conditions. CONCLUSION The retroperitoneal biloma, also called choleretroperitoneum, is of multifactorial origin. Clinical presentation is non-specific, with diffuse abdominal distension and pain in all patients. The diagnosis is made based on ultrasonography and computed tomography, and can even be diagnosed intra-operatively. The treatment is based on liquid bile drainage and correction of the leak.

DOI: 10.1016/j.circir.2016.09.005

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