Spontaneous resolution of a tumor like pulmonary sarcoidosis.

  title={Spontaneous resolution of a tumor like pulmonary sarcoidosis.},
  author={Zied Moatemri and Ghassen Soussi and Salsabil Dabboussi and Samira Mhamdi and Chiraz Aichaouia and Mohsen Khadraoui and Rezaik Cheikh},
  journal={Sarcoidosis, vasculitis, and diffuse lung diseases : official journal of WASOG},
  volume={33 3},
We report a case of thoracic sarcoidosis in a 72-year-old female, snuff taker, who presented with multinodular pulmonary lesions on chest x-ray. Clinical and biological findings were poor. Thoracic imaging showed soft tissue density nodules with irregular borders. The diagnosis of 'cannon ball' metastases was suspected. A thorough investigation strategy… CONTINUE READING