Spontaneous pneumothorax as manifestation of Marfan syndrome.


The authors describe a 16-year-old boy, previously healthy, who was admitted to our hospital for left-sided spontaneous pneumothorax. On physical examination he presented with marfanoid habitus. Pneumothorax was managed conservatively with resolution. Four months later he had a recurrence of left-sided pneumothorax and 1 week after that he presented with contralateral pneumothorax. He underwent video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery twice for bullectomy and pleurodesis. No further recurrence was stated. Additional investigation showed a prolapsed cardiac mitral valve and Marfan syndrome was confirmed genetically.

DOI: 10.1136/bcr-2013-201697

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@article{Viveiro2013SpontaneousPA, title={Spontaneous pneumothorax as manifestation of Marfan syndrome.}, author={Carolina Viveiro and Patr{\'i}cia Rocha and Cristiana Carvalho and Maria Manuel Zarcos}, journal={BMJ case reports}, year={2013}, volume={2013} }