Spontaneous perirenal hematoma (Wunderlich's syndrome) in a man on haemodialysis.

  title={Spontaneous perirenal hematoma (Wunderlich's syndrome) in a man on haemodialysis.},
  author={Chih-Chia Liang and Hung-Chieh Yeh and Chiu-ching Huang and Chiz-Tzung Chang},
  volume={15 2},
A 52 year old man on chronic haemodialysis presented to the emergency department with right flank pain. There was no history of trauma and no exposure to anticoagulants including heparin during haemodialysis. Abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan without contrast media (Fig. 1) revealed a perirenal haematoma along the anterior aspect of the subcapsular haematoma of right contracted kidney. The arrowhead (Fig. 1) depicts the ruptured site of the renal capsule. Cysts, malignant tumours or… CONTINUE READING


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  • Fig. 1 Abdominal CT without contrast shows a perirenal hematoma along the anterior aspect of the right kidney subcasular hematoma. The arrowhead indicates the rupture site of renal capsule. Nephrology 15
  • 2010