Spontaneous mutant ICR kuru2 might be another shaker-2 deaf mouse.


BACKGROUND We have established a mouse model of spontaneous deafness by sib-inbreeding over 10 years. The mouse was designated as kuru(2) and has been previously reported in this Journal. MATERIALS AND METHODS In order to identify the genetic abnormality, the mouse was back-crossed to Mus musculus castaneus (CAST), and myosine 15 or myoXV on chromosome 11 was assumed to be the responsive gene. The background abnormality was identified by gene sequencing. RESULTS Deletion of 2446 base pairs occurred in the mouse (from 28795 to 31241 in the complete sequence of the Mus musculus unconventional myosin-15 gene; NCBI accession: AF144093). DISCUSSION The myosin ATP-binding site is present in the deleted area. Considering the function that the affected area regulates and previous reports, hearing loss of the examined mouse is attributable to the abnormality of the myoXV gene and this mouse might be another type of shaker-2 deaf mouse.

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