Spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in farnesoid X receptor-null mice.

  title={Spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in farnesoid X receptor-null mice.},
  author={Insook Kim and Keiichirou Morimura and Yatrik M. Shah and Qian Yang and Jerrold M Ward and Frank J. Gonzalez},
  volume={28 5},
The farnesoid X receptor (FXR) controls the synthesis and transport of bile acids (BAs). Mice lacking expression of FXR, designated Fxr-null, have elevated levels of serum and hepatic BAs and an increase in BA pool size. Surprisingly, at 12 months of age, male and female Fxr-null mice had a high incidence of degenerative hepatic lesions, altered cell foci and liver tumors including hepatocellular adenoma, carcinoma and hepatocholangiocellular carcinoma, the latter of which is rarely observed in… CONTINUE READING