Spontaneous cataracts in laboratory rabbits.

  title={Spontaneous cataracts in laboratory rabbits.},
  author={Robert J Munger and Nicholas Langevin and Jordan Podval},
  journal={Veterinary ophthalmology},
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OBJECTIVE To document the occurrence and incidence of spontaneously occurring cataracts in older New Zealand White (NZW) and New Zealand White x New Zealand Red (NZW x NZR - F1) rabbits during prescreening examinations at Alcon Laboratories. PROCEDURES A retrospective study was conducted on prescreening examination records of NZW and NZW x NZR (F1) rabbits at Alcon Laboratories between April 1999 and May 2001. RESULTS A total of 946 rabbits (670 NZW and 276 NZW x NZR) ranging in age from 77… CONTINUE READING