Spontaneous arteriovenous fistula resulting from HIV arteritis.

  title={Spontaneous arteriovenous fistula resulting from HIV arteritis.},
  author={Ravikumaran Nair and Runjan Chetty and Justin D Woolgar and Naid G Naidoo and John Vivian Robbs},
  journal={Journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={33 1},
Arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) are uncommon and usually follow trauma or preceding arterial catheterization or puncture. Spontaneous AVFs are rare. A case of spontaneous AVF of the superficial femoral artery and vein in an HIV-infected patient is presented. Histologic examination of the artery showed features similar to those seen in HIV-related large-vessel aneurysms. It would appear that spontaneous AVF are part of the spectrum of macrovascular arteritis related to HIV infection. 

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