[Spontaneous and experimental hepatitis A in Papio hamadryas].


Data on high susceptibility of Papio hamadryas to HAV are presented. For the first time, P. hamadryas were shown to be able to respond to both natural and experimental infection developing the features typical of hepatitis A: increased aminotransferase activity, virus shedding in feces, production of anti-HAV IgG and IgM, histological liver lesions. An… (More)


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@article{Korzaia1992SpontaneousAE, title={[Spontaneous and experimental hepatitis A in Papio hamadryas].}, author={L I Korzaia and Zinaida V Shevtsova and Z. N. Dzhelieva and R. I. Krylova and Eugenia Belova and V G Chalian}, journal={Voprosy virusologii}, year={1992}, volume={37 4}, pages={187-91} }