Spontaneous abortion among insulin-dependent diabetic women.

  title={Spontaneous abortion among insulin-dependent diabetic women.},
  author={Menachem Miodovnik and Justin P Lavin and Heather Knowles and Jane C Holroyde and Stanley J Stys},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={150 4},
A prospective study was undertaken to evaluate the frequency of spontaneous abortion in clinically apparent pregnancies among insulin-dependent diabetic women evaluated prior to pregnancy. The study was done in 132 pregnancies occurring in 91 diabetic women. The spontaneous abortion rate was 30%; 70% of the pregnancies progressed beyond 20 weeks. The abortion rates for Classes B, C, D, and F through RT were 0%, 25%, 44%, and 22%, respectively. Initial serum levels of the beta-subunit of human… CONTINUE READING

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