Spontaneous Lorentz violation, Nambu-Goldstone modes, and gravity

  title={Spontaneous Lorentz violation, Nambu-Goldstone modes, and gravity},
  author={R. Bluhm and A. Kosteleck{\'y}},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The fate of the Nambu-Goldstone modes arising from spontaneous Lorentz violation is investigated. Using the vierbein formalism, it is shown that up to 10 Lorentz and diffeomorphism Nambu-Goldstone modes can appear and that they are contained within the 10 modes of the vierbein associated with gauge degrees of freedom in a Lorentz-invariant theory. A general treatment of spontaneous local Lorentz and diffeomorphism violation is given for various spacetimes, and the fate of the Nambu-Goldstone… Expand
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