Spontaneous Fractures in the Mouse Mutant sfx Are Caused by Deletion of the Gulonolactone Oxidase Gene, Causing Vitamin C Deficiency

  title={Spontaneous Fractures in the Mouse Mutant sfx Are Caused by Deletion of the Gulonolactone Oxidase Gene, Causing Vitamin C Deficiency},
  author={Subburaman Mohan and A. Kapoor and Anny Singgih and Z. Zhang and Tim F. Taylor and H. Yu and R. Chadwick and Yoon-Sok Chung and L. R. Donahue and C. Rosen and G. C. Crawford and J. Wergedal and D. Baylink},
  journal={Journal of Bone and Mineral Research},
  • Subburaman Mohan, A. Kapoor, +10 authors D. Baylink
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
  • Using a mouse mutant that fractures spontaneously and dies at a very young age, we identified that a deletion of the GULO gene, which is involved in the synthesis of vitamin C, is the cause of impaired osteoblast differentiation, reduced bone formation, and development of spontaneous fractures. 
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