Spontaneous Formation of Star-Shaped Surface Patterns in a Driven Bose-Einstein Condensate.

  title={Spontaneous Formation of Star-Shaped Surface Patterns in a Driven Bose-Einstein Condensate.},
  author={Kiryang Kwon and Kaushiki Mukherjee and SeungJung Huh and K. Kim and Simeon Mistakidis and Debaprasad Maity and P. G. Kevrekidis and Sourav Majumder and Peter Schmelcher and J.-y. Choi},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={127 11},
We observe experimentally the spontaneous formation of star-shaped surface patterns in driven Bose-Einstein condensates. Two-dimensional star-shaped patterns with l-fold symmetry, ranging from quadrupole (l=2) to heptagon modes (l=7), are parametrically excited by modulating the scattering length near the Feshbach resonance. An effective Mathieu equation and Floquet analysis are utilized, relating the instability conditions to the dispersion of the surface modes in a trapped superfluid… Expand
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