Spontaneous Emission of Neutrons by Artificially Produced Radioactive Bodies

  title={Spontaneous Emission of Neutrons by Artificially Produced Radioactive Bodies},
  author={Maurice Goldhaber},
I. CURIE, F. Joliot and P. Preiswerk1 observed that after bombarding silicon or phosphorus by neutrons, the artificially produced radioactive nuclei emitted: (1) negative electrons as previously observed by Fermi2; (2) γ-rays of high energy (∑ 5 × 106 e.v.); (3) positrons (which they tentatively suggest to be due to the creation of ‘pairs’ by the γ-rays, an explanation which does not seem very probable as they state that the positrons have an upper energy limit of ∼ 1 × 106 e.v. only); and (4… 
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