Spontaneous Abortions among Cosmetologists

  title={Spontaneous Abortions among Cosmetologists},
  author={E. McGonigle John and David A Savitz and Carl M. Shy},
To examine the relation between adverse pregnancy outcomes and work in cosmetology during pregnancy, we conducted a mail survey in North Carolina among 8,356 licensed female cosmetologists 22–36 years of age. We identified pregnancies between 1983 and 1988 by a brief screening questionnaire, followed by a more detailed mail questionnaire. Seventy-four per cent of eligible cosmetologists responded to each inquiry. We restricted the main analysis to 96 cosmetologists with a spontaneous abortion… 
Cosmetologists and Reproductive Outcomes
Risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes among cosmetologists is not increased compared with women of the same age working in other occupations, and there were no statistically significant associations between occupation and the pregnancy outcomes after adjustment for age, race, education, and smoking and alcohol use at the time of pregnancy.
Adverse birth outcomes and maternal complications in licensed cosmetologists and manicurists in California
There was little evidence of increased risk for adverse birth outcomes, but there was an association for small for gestational age (SGA) among Vietnamese manicurists and cosmetologists compared with the general population.
A nested case–control study of low birthweight among cosmetologists
This nested case–control study followed-up a positive association of low birthweight children among cosmetologists found in a retrospective cohort study previously reported and did not find any associations between specific tasks of cosmetologist and low birth Weight.
P280 Pregnancy outcomes for women employed as hairdressers, cosmetologists and laboratory workers - systematic review of the literature and data-analysis of finnish medical birth registry
The thesis concludes that hairdressers may be at a marginally increased risk of low birth weight and small size for gestational age, which may be due to occupational exposure.
Pregnancy outcomes in female hairdressers
A slightly increased risk of spontaneous abortion among hairdressers was found, mainly associated with perceived work-related stress.
Reproductive Disorders among Hairdressers
The results show that hairdressers who conceived in 1986–1988 had an increased risk of prolonged time‐to‐pregnancy of more than 12 months, which indicates an increase in reproductive risks for hairdressesers in earlier years that now seems to be disappearing.
Work as a hairdresser and cosmetologist and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Evidence is provided that work as a hairdresser or cosmetologist during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight, preterm delivery, small for gestational age (SGA) and perinatal death and reduces foetal growth.
Adverse Health Outcomes Among Cosmetologists and Noncosmetologists in the Reproductive Outcomes of Salon Employees (Rose) Study
Cosmetologists were at significantly increased risk of depression compared to noncosmetologists after adjustment for age, education, and smoking status and there were no statistically significant associations between cosmetology occupation and the other adverse health outcomes, including those related to allergies and skin disorders.
Occupational Exposures and Risks of Spontaneous Abortion among Female Veterinarians.
  • Steele, Wilkins
  • Medicine
    International journal of occupational and environmental health
  • 1996
The results suggest a relationship between SA among female veterinarians and certain exposure types, and thus focus attention on other workers who encounter similar on-the-job hazards.
The Risk of Having a Low Birth Weight or Preterm Infant among Cosmetologists in New York State
A slightly increased risk for having a child born low birth weight among cosmetologists compared to another group of licensed professionals was observed, and the risk was greater among non-white races in each comparison.