Spongialization: a new treatment for diseased patellae.

  title={Spongialization: a new treatment for diseased patellae.},
  author={R P Ficat and C. Ficat and P G{\'e}d{\'e}on and J. B. Toussaint},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
Spongialization is an extension of the concept of Pridie for resurfacing damaged joints. The diseased cartilage is excised and the subchondral plate completely removed exposing the cancellous bone or "spongiosa" from which a new fibrous tissue surface can grow. The technique is particularly applicable to a localized lesion of the patella. Eighty-five patients who had patellar spongialization and were followed from 6--36 months (average 15 months) are reported, with 79% reporting good or… CONTINUE READING

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