Splitting systems and separating systems

  title={Splitting systems and separating systems},
  author={Alan C. H. Ling and Pak Ching Li and G. H. John van Rees},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
Suppose m and t are integers such that 0 < t ≤ m. An (m, t) splitting system is a pair (X,B) where |X| = m, B is a set of bm2 c subsets of X, called blocks such that for every Y ⊆ X and |Y | = t, there exists a block B ∈ B such that |B ∩Y | = b t 2c or |(X \B)∩Y | = b t 2c. We will give some results on splitting systems for t = 2 or 4 which often depend on results from uniform separating systems. Suppose that m is an even integer, t1, t2 are integers such that t1 + t2 ≤ m. A ∗research supported… CONTINUE READING

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