Split two-Higgs-doublet model and neutrino condensation

  title={Split two-Higgs-doublet model and neutrino condensation},
  author={F. Wang and Wenyu Wang and Jin Min Yang},
We split the two-Higgs-doublet model by assuming very different vevs for the two doublets: the vev is at weak scale (174 GeV) for the doublet Phi(1) and at neutrino-mass scale (10(-2) - 10(-3) eV) for the doublet Phi(2). Phi(1) is responsible for giving masses to all fermions except neutrinos; while Phi(2) is responsible for giving neutrino masses through its tiny vev without introducing the see-saw mechanism. Among the predicted five physical scalars H, h, A(0) and H-+/-, the CP-even scalar h… Expand