Split mesencephalon: diplomyelia of the basicranium.


We report a novel case of congenitally split mesencephalon, in a 3-year old with hydrocephalus. We speculate that the ontogenetic mechanism is shared with split cord malformations (SCM). Our case adds to the two other cases of basicranial SCM which involved more caudal brainstem.

DOI: 10.3109/02688697.2013.829561

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@article{Jayasekera2014SplitMD, title={Split mesencephalon: diplomyelia of the basicranium.}, author={Bodiabaduge A.P. Jayasekera and Erlick A C Pereira and Shailendra Ashok Magdum}, journal={British journal of neurosurgery}, year={2014}, volume={28 3}, pages={403-5} }