Split Invariant Curves in Rotating Bar Potentials

  title={Split Invariant Curves in Rotating Bar Potentials},
  author={Tian-Ye Xia and Juntai Shen},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • Tian-Ye Xia, Juntai Shen
  • Published 14 September 2021
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
Invariant curves are generally closed curves in Poincaré's surface of section. Here we study an interesting dynamical phenomenon, first discovered by Binney et al. in a rotating Kepler potential, where an invariant curve of the surface of section can split into two disconnected line segments under certain conditions, which is distinctively different from the islands of resonant orbits. We first demonstrate the existence of split invariant curves in the Freeman bar model, where all orbits can be… Expand


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