Splenomegaly and solitary spleen metastasis in solid tumors.

  title={Splenomegaly and solitary spleen metastasis in solid tumors.},
  author={Baruch Klein and Moshe Stein and Abraham Kuten and Mariana Steiner and D Barshalom and Eliezer Robinson and David A. Gal},
  volume={60 1},
Metastasis to the spleen from various neoplasms is very rare. Most of the splenic metastases are found at autopsy, and are part of a widespread disease. Four patients had cervical cancer (1 patient), endometrial cancer (1 patient), lung carcinoma (1 patient), and malignant melanoma (1 patient). All patients had splenic involvement without pathologic evidence of lymph node metastasis, and all underwent splenectomy. Three of the four presented with painful splenomegaly. The time from diagnosis to… CONTINUE READING


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