[Splenic trauma: splenectomy in every case?].


The authors report their experience in the conservative treatment of splenic traumas observed in the period 1987-1997. They point out the difference in the incidence of splenectomy in comparison with conservative treatment (p < 0.001) and nonoperative management (p < 0.05) in the two periods examined (1987-92 and 1993-97). They stress the manifold functions of the spleen and his role in the immunitary defense above all in pediatric age, and emphasize, on the base of their experience, the conservative treatment of traumatic splenic injuries in patient carefully selected. This curative strategy is supported by the notable contribution offered by sophisticated methods of radiological imaging (echography, CT, angiography) and by the commercialization of substances at high stick capacity (Tissucol). The lack of complications at short and middle term (reoperation for restart of the hemorrhage and ischemic necrosis after ligature of the splenic artery) induces the authors to consider the conservative treatment of the splenic traumas, in the cases in which it is pursuable, an ideal therapeutic solution.

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