Splenic Anomalies of Shape, Size, and Location: Pictorial Essay

  title={Splenic Anomalies of Shape, Size, and Location: Pictorial Essay},
  author={Adalet Elcin Yildiz and Macit Orhan Ariyurek and Muşturay Karçaaltincaba},
Spleen can have a wide range of anomalies including its shape, location, number, and size. Although most of these anomalies are congenital, there are also acquired types. Congenital anomalies affecting the shape of spleen are lobulations, notches, and clefts; the fusion and location anomalies of spleen are accessory spleen, splenopancreatic fusion, and wandering spleen; polysplenia can be associated with a syndrome. Splenosis and small spleen are acquired anomalies which are caused by trauma… CONTINUE READING


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