Spit shines for easier coronavirus testing.

  title={Spit shines for easier coronavirus testing.},
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Prevalence of COVID-19 and the Continued Citizen-Based Control in Japan.
Clinical laboratory testing performed using the latest technology to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a hospital in Yokohama, Japan finds large-scale testing of viral RNA would be useful for detecting asymptomatic virus carriers as is done in other countries, and could be carried out as a future measure for controlling COVID-19.
Saliva for molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2 in school-age children
Saliva, a bodily fluid with recognized and potential diagnostic applications.
This review briefly describes the different contributions to whole saliva and describes the present use of whole saliva for diagnostic purposes and its specific utilization for the diagnosis of several local and systemic diseases.
Use of Breath Analysis for Diagnosing COVID-19: Opportunities, Challenges, and Considerations for Future Pandemic Responses
Breathalyzers offer potential to assist in pandemic responses and their use should be investigated, but there remains issues with their implementation when it comes to the infrastructure currently available to support their use on a broad scale.