Spironolactone interference with digoxin radioimmunoassay in cirrhotic patients.

  title={Spironolactone interference with digoxin radioimmunoassay in cirrhotic patients.},
  author={Joseph T Dipiro and Johanne C{\^o}t{\'e} and C R DiPiro and J A Bustrack},
  journal={American journal of hospital pharmacy},
  volume={37 11},
The effects of spironolactone and cirrhosis on the measurement of serum digoxin levels by radioimmunoassay were studied in patients not receiving cardiac glycosides. Three groups of 10 patients each were studied. Groups 1 and 2 included patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, with Group 1 patients receiving spironolactone and Group 2 receiving no spironolactone. Group 3, the control group, included patients who were not receiving spironolactone and did not have cirrhosis. Apparent digoxin serum… CONTINUE READING