Spiritual health, the fourth dimension: a public health perspective

  title={Spiritual health, the fourth dimension: a public health perspective},
  author={Neera Dhar and Suresh K. Chaturvedi and Deoki Nandan},
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A session of the United Nations (UN) Assembly, held recently, also focused on dealing with non‐communicable diseases by combating ‘the globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles’.[1] In fact, the behavioural aspects of an individual considerably influence one’s diet, interest in sedentary or active life and addictions to tobacco, alcohol and other substances. At the same time, an individual’s behaviour is influenced by the society’s value system and attitudes to which people subscribe to as… Expand
Spiritual health: Need for its mainstreaming in health-care delivery in India
There has been a renewed push to include spiritual well-being in the definition of health, and many commentators in India have also suggested that spiritual well‐being should be included in thedefinition of health as its fourth dimension. Expand
Inequalities in the spiritual health of young Canadians: a national, cross-sectional study
Strong socio-demographic inequalities were observed in the spiritual health measures by age, gender, relative material wealth, immigration status, and province/territory. Expand
The perception of spiritual health differences between citizens and physicians in the Czech Republic
The aim of this research is to find out the views of citizens and physicians in the Czech Republic on the potential dimension of health in its spiritual mode, and on the understanding of its content by those who acknowledge its existence. Expand
Domains of spirituality and their associations with positive mental health: a study of adolescents in Canada, England and Scotland.
While associations exist between each of the four domains of spiritual health and positive mental health, it appears that associations with connections to "others", "nature", and the "transcendent" are sometimes mediated by connections to 'self'. Expand
Shalom as Wholeness: A Biblical Basis for Meeting Global Health Needs in the 21st Century
Health is generally thought of as the absence of disease or physical infirmity. However, a great number of scientific studies show that there is an interdependence and interconnectedness between theExpand
Czech version of Spiritual Health Questionnaire development: a research note
ABSTRACT The Czech Republic is one of the most secularised societies, while atheistic and spiritual values are increasingly acknowledged and practiced. This research note has two objectives. First,Expand
Spiritual Health: Practical Tips from a Yogi
  • O. Bhagat
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidhha & Homeopathy
  • 2018
Spiritual health is interlinked with physical mental and social health. World Health organization also viewed it as the missing component of definition of health. In this article we have explainedExpand
Spiritual Screening in Adolescents
Abstract We review the health associations of religiosity and spirituality (R/S) and the proposed mechanisms through which R/S is thought to impact health. We briefly review the adult literature inExpand
Developmental patterns of adolescent spiritual health in six countries
Study findings confirm developmental theories proposed from qualitative observation, provide foundational evidence for the planning and targeting of interventions centered on adolescent spiritual health practices, and direction for the study of spiritual health in a general population health survey context. Expand
Distinguishing between spiritual health and religious involvement as determinants of adolescent health in Canada and the Czech Republic.
Findings point to the importance of a strong sense of spiritual health as a protective determinant of adolescent health, and raise questions about religious involvement as protective to adolescent health outcomes. Expand


Spiritual Health Scale 2011: Defining and Measuring 4th Dimension of Health
  • N. Dhar, S. Chaturvedi, D. Nandan
  • Sociology, Psychology
  • Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  • 2011
A statistically reliable and valid Spiritual Health Scale (SHS 2011) containing 114 items has been developed and is first of its kind in the world to measure the spiritual health of a common worldly person, which is devoid of religious and cultural bias. Expand
Spirituality and health: a knowledge, attitude and practice study among doctors of North India
A cross-sectional study was conducted among doctors of North India (n = 250) with the help of self-administered questionnaire. The mean age of doctors was 42.18 years (standard deviation = 9.108). OfExpand
Spirituality and medical practice: using the HOPE questions as a practical tool for spiritual assessment.
The HOPE questions provide a formal tool that may be used in incorporating consideration of a patient's spirituality into medical practice and the effects on medical care and end-of-life decisions. Expand
Spiritual beliefs may affect outcome of bereavement: prospective study
People who profess stronger spiritual beliefs seem to resolve their grief more rapidly and completely after the death of a person close to them than do people with no spiritual beliefs. Expand
UN General Assembly urges action on non‐communicable diseases
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Can spiritual health be quantified: A simple idea
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Healing beyond the body: Medicine and the infinite reach of the mind. London: Shambhala
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