Spirit possession and spirit mediumship from the perspective of Tulu oral traditions

  title={Spirit possession and spirit mediumship from the perspective of Tulu oral traditions},
  author={Peter J. Claus},
  journal={Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry},
  • P. Claus
  • Published 1 March 1979
  • Art
  • Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry
The phenomenon of spirit possession is looked at in relationship to the broad cultural context in which it is found to exist in a region of southern India. The author critically reviews various attempts to explain spirit possession as solely a psychological or sociological event. Instead, he turns to the region's spirit possession and mediumship cults, oral traditions and social ideology for an ethnographically relevant interpretation of spirit possession. 
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  • V. Skultans
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  • 1991
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Shamanism in South India
F ROM THE VIEWPOINT of the anthropologist all too little of the voluminous writings on Hinduism describes what is often called popular Hinduism as opposed to the epic and philosophic Sanskritic
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Dr Rose’s aim was to find a handful of cases, perhaps even a single case, in which the intervention of a faith healer had led to irrefutable cure.