Spiridon Loues, the Modern Foustanela, and the Symbolic Power of Pallikaria at the 1896 Olympic Games

  title={Spiridon Loues, the Modern Foustanela, and the Symbolic Power of Pallikaria at the 1896 Olympic Games},
  author={James P. Verinis},
  journal={Journal of Modern Greek Studies},
  pages={139 - 175}
<p> Most who are familiar with the subject of modern Greek identity or the history of the modern Olympic Games are familiar with the character of Spiros Loues. The significance of his win in the marathon at the first modern Olympiad in1896 is thoroughly discussed in popular discourse as well as in academic publications. How and why he was elevated to such an exalted level, what cultural notions—such as pastoralism, παλλιχαρια (pallikariá), and φιλοτιμο (philótimo)—he was associated with, and… 

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