Spirals inside the millimeter cavity of transition disk SR 21

  title={Spirals inside the millimeter cavity of transition disk SR 21},
  author={G. A. Muro-Arena and Ch. Ginski and Carsten Dominik and Myriam Benisty and Paloma Pinilla and Alexander J. Bohn and Thomas Moldenhauer and Wilhelm Kley and Daniel Harsono and Th. Henning and Rob G. van Holstein and Markus Janson and Miriam Keppler and Franccois M'enard and Laura M. Pe'rez and Tomas Stolker and Marco Tazzari and Marion Villenave and Alice Zurlo and C. Petit and François Rigal and Ole Moller-Nilsson and Marc Llored and Thomas Moulin and P.Rabou},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
  • G. A. Muro-Arena, Ch. Ginski, +22 authors P.Rabou
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Hydrodynamical simulations of planet-disk interactions suggest that planets may be responsible for a number of the sub-structures frequently observed in disks in both scattered light and dust thermal emission. Despite the ubiquity of these features, direct evidence of planets embedded in disks and of the specific interaction features like spiral arms within planetary gaps still remain rare. In this study we discuss recent observational results in the context of hydrodynamical simulations in… CONTINUE READING

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