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Spiral instabilities: Mode saturation and decay

  title={Spiral instabilities: Mode saturation and decay},
  author={J. A. Sellwood and Raymond G. Carlberg},
This paper continues a series reporting different aspects of the behaviour of disc galaxy simulations that support spiral instabilities. The focus in this paper is to demonstrate how linear spiral instabilities saturate and decay, and how the properties of the disc affect the limiting amplitude of the spirals. Once again, we employ idealized models that each possess a single instability that we follow until it has run its course. Remarkably, we find a tight correlation between the growth rate of… 



Galactic Dynamics

Two of the world’s leading astrophysicists, James Binney and Scott Tremaine, here present a comprehensive review of the theory of galactic dynamics at a level suitable for both graduate students and

Dynamics of Galaxies 2nd ed

  • 2016