Spiral Transformation for High-Resolution and Efficient Sorting of Optical Vortex Modes.

  title={Spiral Transformation for High-Resolution and Efficient Sorting of Optical Vortex Modes.},
  author={Yuanhui Wen and Ioannis D. Chremmos and Yujie Chen and Jiangbo Zhu and Yanfeng Zhang and Siyuan Yu},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={120 19},
Mode sorting is an essential function for optical multiplexing systems that exploit the orthogonality of the orbital angular momentum mode space. The familiar log-polar optical transformation provides a simple yet efficient approach whose resolution is, however, restricted by a considerable overlap between adjacent modes resulting from the limited excursion of the phase along a complete circle around the optical vortex axis. We propose and experimentally verify a new optical transformation that… 

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