Spiral FCG based self-contained pulsed high voltage source

  title={Spiral FCG based self-contained pulsed high voltage source},
  author={Larry L. Altgilbers and Yu.V. Tkach and V. V. Dyunashev and V. M. Hristenko and V. V. Kolesnik and A. E. Bachurin and Ya Tkach},
  journal={2013 Abstracts IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS)},
Outcomes of the self-contained spiral FCG based high voltage source testing and development are presented. The source is designed around spiral FCG with 50 mm diameter and 26 mm liner made out of aluminum alloy. The liner is filled by HE cylindrical pucks fabricated by hot casting with further stamping. Spiral FCG is seeded by the magnetic field, created by… CONTINUE READING