Spinoza on the Essence, Mutability and Power of God

  title={Spinoza on the Essence, Mutability and Power of God},
  author={Nick Okrent},
  journal={Philosophy and Theology},
  • Nick Okrent
  • Published 1998
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Theology
This paper argues that Spinoza makes a distinction between the constitutive essence of God (the totality of His attributes) and the essence of God per se (His power and causal efficacy). Using this distinction, I explain how Spinoza can conceive of God as being both an immutable simple unity and a subject for constantly changing modes. Spinoza believes that God qua Natura Naturans is immutable while God qua Natura Naturata is not. With this point established, Curley’s claim that Spinozistic… Expand


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