Spinoza and ecology

  title={Spinoza and ecology},
  author={Arne Naess},
  • A. Naess
  • Published 1 March 1977
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophia
Eco Trends, Counseling and Applied Ecology in Community Using Sophia
  • Vasile Hațegan
  • Philosophy
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2021
The characteristics of the applied trends, ecophilosophy and ecotheology, are analyzed through their comparative analysis, along with a bibliometric study on papers published on these topics in indexed databases in the last 45 years.
Is co-management a double-edged sword in the protected areas of Sundarbans mangrove?
The overall objective of the study was to examine the pros and cons of the participatory approach adopted in natural resource management in the ecologically protected areas of the Sundarbans mangrove
Sustainable lifestyles: towards a relational approach
The concept of sustainable lifestyles is said to have reached the limits of its usefulness. As commonly understood, it impedes an effective response to our increasingly complex world, and the
O estudo da ecologia baseia-se nas interações entre os diversos organismos vivos em uma rede conectada chamada ecossistema. O termo foi cunhado em 1866 pelo biólogo alemão Ernst Haeckel como um
Dark ecologies: creative research in multi-species water environments
ABSTRACT In the realm of multi-species ecologies and relationships, there are often unseen dynamics, unheeded threats and unacknowledged suppressions. The objectives of the research were to develop
Facing the Anthropocene: Comparative Education as Sympoiesis
Comp It is usually at the edges where the great tectonic plates of theorymeet and shift that we find the most dramatic developments and upheavals. When four tectonic plates of liberation theory—those
Group Facilitation on Societal Disruption and Collapse: Insights from Deep Adaptation
This article synthesises the practice and rationale behind ways of facilitating gatherings on topics of societal disruption and collapse, which is argued to be useful for lessening damaging
Introduction: The arts, architectures, affects, and ecologies of Spinoza in Aotearoa
  • E. Chua
  • Art
    Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts
  • 2021
Posthumanism in Outer Wilds
This article performs a posthumanist reading of Outer Wilds (Mobius Digital, 2019) focusing on how the game represents posthuman subjectivity. Outer Wilds uses two alien species to represent two
Promoting the Eco-Dialogue through Eco-Philosophy for Community
The premises of the emergence of concepts about nature and the environment led to the emergence of new directions of philosophy, represented by eco-philosophy and ethics applied to the environment.


Stone Age Economics
1. The Original Affluent Society2. The Domestic Mode of Production: The Structure of Underproduction3. The Domestic Mode of Production: Intensification of Production4. The Spirit of the Gift5. On the