Spinosaurs before Stromer: early finds of spinosaurid dinosaurs and their interpretations

  title={Spinosaurs before Stromer: early finds of spinosaurid dinosaurs and their interpretations},
  author={E. Buffetaut},
  • E. Buffetaut
  • Published 2010
  • Geology
  • Abstract When Stromer described Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and erected the family Spinosauridae in 1915 he mentioned that teeth from the Cretaceous of the Djoua region of eastern Sahara, considered by Haug as belonging to a fish, probably belonged to Spinosaurus. The teeth from Djoua had been collected by the French Foureau–Lamy Mission, which had crossed the Sahara from 1898 to 1900. Earlier finds of spinosaurid specimens include the jaw fragments from the Early Cretaceous of Portugal referred by… CONTINUE READING
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