Spinophilin: from partners to functions.

  title={Spinophilin: from partners to functions.},
  author={Denis Sarrouilhe and Ambra Di Tommaso and Thierry M{\'e}tay{\'e} and V{\'e}ronique Ladev{\`e}ze},
  volume={88 9},
Spinophilin/neurabin 2 has been isolated independently by two laboratories as a protein interacting with protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) and F-actin. Gene analysis and biochemical approaches have contributed to define a number of distinct modular domains in spinophilin that govern protein-protein interactions such as two F-actin-, three potential Src homology 3 (SH3)-, a receptor- and a PP1-binding domains, a PSD95/DLG/zo-1 (PDZ) and three coiled-coil domains, and a potential leucine/isoleucine… CONTINUE READING


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