Spinning C-metric : radiative spacetime with accelerating , rotating black holes

  title={Spinning C-metric : radiative spacetime with accelerating , rotating black holes},
  author={Jǐŕi Bi{\vc}{\'a}k and Vojtěch Pravda},
The static part of a spacetime representing the standard, non-spinning vacuum C-metric was originally found by Levi-Civita in 1917-1919 (see references in [1]) but it was only in 1970 when Kinnersley and Walker [2] understood, by choosing a better parameterization, that it can be extended so that it represents two black holes uniformly accelerated in opposite directions. The “cause” of the acceleration is given by nodal (conical) singularities (“strings” or “struts”) along the axis of symmetry… CONTINUE READING
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